CIty Tour Lombok

The cultural wonders of Lombok island are often overlooked by travelers. Only a few are lucky to have experienced Lombok’s cultural and historical attractions, such as the traditional Sasak villages in Sade Rambitan and Bayan, the old port town of Ampenan, the garden of Narmada, etc. Only after visiting those attractions you will realize that the above-sea-level wonders of Lombok are as magnificent as the ones underneath.


You can learn many things by visiting the villages of the native Sasak tribe. In the eastern side of the island is Sade Rambitan where people are still living in the bamboo huts. A couple hour ride south from Sade you’ll arrive in Sukarara where you can learn how to weave the traditional fabric called ikat.
As one of the biggest pearl producing regions in South East Asia, Lombok could teach how to farm and cultivate pearl. Autore Farms Tours and Showroom in Pemenang offers pearl-farming, harvesting, and cultivating tour and workshop packages which will make your escape to Lombok more interesting.
There’s no better way to understand a place than learning its history. So make your way to the legendary garden of Narmada, the remnant of the Balinese kingdom which once ruled Lombok, and the old city of Ampenan, the old port town full of old buildings which used to be the sea gate of the island.
After immersing yourself in Lombok’s culture and history, treat yourself with the spicy traditional cuisines of Lombok—ayam taliwang, plecing kangkung, sate bulayak, sate rembiga, beberuk terong, nasi balap, etc. #EscapeWithUs

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