As the capital city of West Sumatra, a province renowned for its tasty, spicy food, Padang is the gate of an unforgettable culinary adventure. Yet Padang has more to offer than food. It is a home for an old city which has hundreds of historical buildings, beautiful beaches from which you can enjoy a splendid sunset, wonderful waterfalls where you can relax, and popular legends like Siti Nurbaya and Malin Kundang.


Padang is synonymous with delicious food. The CNN reader’s poll in 2011 crowned rendang, the most famous traditional food of West Sumatra, as #1 World’s Best Food. So there’s no better way to start your unforgettable adventure in Padang than going to a restaurant.
Yet after visiting the Adityawarman Museum, you will realize that Padang has more to offer than food. Just several kilometers away from the museum, there’s an old city by a river where many colonial buildings have been standing for more than a century. Above the wooden-boat infested river is a bridge named after an urban legend, Siti Nurbaya. It is always packed with crowds and street food vendors in the evenings.
Thanks to its geographical position, Padang is the city of sunset. There are many beaches where you can have a relaxing afternoon while waiting for the sun retreating down to the horizon. The most popular one is Pantai Padang (Padang Beach). But an adventurous soul like you will find Pantai Air Manis (Air Manis Beach) and its legend of the infamous Malin Kundang more alluring.
Padang has a number of waterfalls. One of the most breathtaking is Air Terjun Tiga Tingkat (Three-Leveled Waterfall) in Cendikar Village which is an only one-hour drive away from downtown. If you really loved waterfall, you’d want to visit the legendary Lembah Anai Waterfall in Padang Panjang (around two-hour drive from Padang).
As a city where unique culture cohabitates with natural beauty, Padang is not only a nice destination to escape from daily routines but also a perfect place to learn new things. #EscapeWithUs

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