Latifah Amiyanti

Latifah Amianti

Founder Escape Planner


It was not easy to say goodbye to the media industry which had taught me many things for eight long years and set sail to the world of traveling. Yet I believe that we must follow our passion. “Do it with passion or not at all,” they said. The credo becomes my inspiration to focus on traveling.

For a person like me, who tends to overthink everything, traveling teaches me to balance myself. It helps me discover myself; that I, like a two-sided coin, have not only the bright but also the dark side which has made me who I am now.

Traveling to Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, Korea, Thailand, New Zealand, Oman, Saudi Arabia (Mecca and Medina), etc. has opened my eyes that Indonesia is by no means less beautiful than any other parts of the world. This wonderful country has many kinds of attractions to explore, from the deep blue see to the green mountains. We will never run out of destinations to escape from the burden of daily routines.

Teaming up with passionate travelers and explorers in Escape Planner, I believe that I can contribute positively to people as well as the environment.